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PrimedUp is the solution for gamers to keep track of all your subscriptions and their everchanging benefits. With a clear overview of costs, billing dates and benefits such as rotating free games, gamers are always up to date on their finances and won't miss out on any special offers.

PrimedUp was designed by gamers, with gamers, for gamers to serve as a hub for all of your subscription ranging from game console networks, music platforms to video streaming services.

Using human-centered design principles, the prototype went through multiple iterations with interviews, surveys and testings, to achieve a qualitative experience for users in terms of form and function.

Subscription Models

As part of my bachelor project, a prototype for a desktop app was developed which helps gamers with the overview of digital subscriptions. Subscription models are becoming increasingly popular and common in all areas, including the gaming world. With the rise of subscription models, many problems arise as well. Losing sight of the amount of subscriptions, the billing dates or the costs are very common problems—by focusing on gamers between 18 and 30, I focused on my target groups special problems regarding gaming subscriptions and rotating free games. The feel of loss of control and not getting your money’s worth is frustrating; especially if you miss out on a freebie you really wanted to have. PrimedUp targets these issues and offers a solution for these problems.


The project went through a long research phase including interviews, surveys, creation of personas and customer problem statements, cart and information sorting, information architecture as well as UI research, moodboards and more. With a thoroughly researched base, wireframes were created for the first testings of the prototype. After many small and some big changes, a gender-neutral design was implemented and the testings continued until a satisfying and understandable prototype was created. By making it gender-neutral and testing and interviewing women and men, the outcome would be an end product designed for gamers of all genders.

Early wireframes in Figma

A prototype runthrough